Apr 25, 2011

We have to wait 5 days...

Although I was extremely excited for publishing at Ovi Store, they take around 5 days to accept things over there so stay tuned for more updates on new theme concepts and the icon progression.

For now I will continue developing the icons that I've showcased previously here!

I will put a link in the banner for the Ovi Store product as soon as it gets available and post here something about it.

In case you're wondering, this version doesn't include the icon set as I don't think it matched the theme concept and wanted something ultra light and including icons would defeat its purpose.
Besides I believe most people are used to original icons and switching to new concepts would slow them down when trying to get to open something such as Messaging.

While it doesn't come out yet, I uploaded a video showcasing the theme on Youtube! It's installed on the memory card. Half was made with effects on, other half with effects off.