Jun 9, 2011


I present you the iSMS WP7 version for S60v5 (perhaps S^3, can't test). It's green. More colors coming after launching the theme itself.

Guide coming up soon. If you have iSMS installed:

  • Uninstall your current version (no skins will be lost but all your settings will)
  • Install this version
  • Reboot the phone
  • Enjoy messaging




  1. Can you express sign it? Because I got no certificate :(

  2. Yes, post updated. Direct download now I hope. Signed version.

  3. Thanks for the very quick reply. This version did not give me a certificate error but I got the usual message saying it may harm the device (yeah yeah) but then another error popped up.
    Something along these lines:
    "It's not possible to install a protected program from an unreliable provider."
    Which I've never encountered before :(

  4. I am so sorry for taking so long to reply. I have no idea what's happening, I think I might need to change the UID from the program. I don't currently know how to do that, tomorrow I'll try to fix it. Added to my to-do list!

    Again, sorry for the so very late reply.

  5. Could u update version for 1.16?

  6. Hi, I really like your designs but can't purchase any of them at ovi since i have a se vivaz u5 :-( from where else can i download it, cheerrsssssss byee

  7. Hello, that version was released this very month! I'll put it on my to-do list, I'll post something when I release it :) I'll also include all the colors!
    Right now I'm working on the revamped iTheme!

  8. Lizbeth, I sell it through paypal too if that's okay with you.

  9. hi,i have purchased this theme u know.
    it was great,but could you customise the Conversation in symbian^3 with these bubbles chat(like isms).

    it would be wonderful if u lunch a new update.

  10. As of now, it's impossible to theme the application Conversations. If it is made available for theming, I will update.