Aug 28, 2011

Anna updates.

Long time no talk! I have had nearly no time to theme (compared with previously spare time) so that's why I've kept everything quiet for the moment. I've purchased a C7-00 so that I can make themes tailored for this OS version. The upcoming iTheme 2 will run slow on S60v5 devices because it was made for S^3.

I recently got the Anna update, meaning I'm now tweaking the iTheme 2 for Anna. I'm keeping it a secret by the way. You'll be surprised. Anyhow, the iTheme 2 was nearly finished (and it actually made me want to revert to s^3 because it made it so much better) and now is under heavy retweaking.

I'll update when I submit it to the Ovi Store for approval. Screenshots will appear when it surfaces on the Ovi Store! Complete surprise :-)

Jun 29, 2011

Windows Phone 7 released at Ovi Store!

As you probably have already noticed, the themes have been launched at the Store! More theme colors will be added as they get published!

Jun 22, 2011

Price drop for a short period of time

The minimal series, like the iTheme, are now going to be cheaper 33% for a short amount of time.

Jun 16, 2011

WP7 Progress

This is by far the theme I worked at the most, it's got over 50 hours on it! Making 12 different colors in 2 variations is no easy task! That's 24 themes. It takes my computer about 15 minutes to compile each theme! Yes, it is slow but it's mainly due to the fact that the theme is HUGE. There are a ton of 3rd party icons! But make no mistake, it's lightning fast! The main reason is, well, the colors are pretty simple and there are only very few transparencies and gradients. So expect to see your phone perform the same, if not even faster, than the default themes (mine's faster than all the defaults).

It's hard for me to go back to any other theme that doesn't skin the toolbar buttons. It's impossible actually. My most recent struggle: Which of my themes do I want to use? And which color? I keep changing colors all the time. I can base it on my mood. It's awesome.

Update: I went to see how many icons I actually added. 3rd party icons: 250+

Jun 12, 2011

iTheme from 7€ to 5€ - permanently; FSXM DI to 5€

It's been decided, after the initial 2 day promotion 66% cheaper, to drop the price of the theme to reflect future updates and the new version that's planned to hit the Store in 2 weeks. fsx minimal original icons will also have a price cut to 5€, to reflect the lack of custom icons. Update: Pricing now updated at the Store.

Also, I'd like to provide you with yet another screenshot of the WP7 theme I'm developing. This time, the light version.

One icon that I really like. It's for hardware keyboard!