Aug 28, 2011

Anna updates.

Long time no talk! I have had nearly no time to theme (compared with previously spare time) so that's why I've kept everything quiet for the moment. I've purchased a C7-00 so that I can make themes tailored for this OS version. The upcoming iTheme 2 will run slow on S60v5 devices because it was made for S^3.

I recently got the Anna update, meaning I'm now tweaking the iTheme 2 for Anna. I'm keeping it a secret by the way. You'll be surprised. Anyhow, the iTheme 2 was nearly finished (and it actually made me want to revert to s^3 because it made it so much better) and now is under heavy retweaking.

I'll update when I submit it to the Ovi Store for approval. Screenshots will appear when it surfaces on the Ovi Store! Complete surprise :-)


  1. Sounds cool, but please make it an update to the original iTheme, since it was made for s60v5 and there are some bugs when running on S^3.

  2. Yep, I'll be updating the original iTheme as well! It will change its interface a bit (namely menu window) due to the black text when you switch profiles.