Jun 8, 2011

The revamping of the UI in WP7

As you might have noticed in the "What we're cooking next" section of the blog, there isn't any description on the top panel! You can no longer see "Menu" or "Messaging" or "Calendar".

And it's not a bug!

Why have I decided to do it like this? You've probably figured it out already but if you didn't, let me tell you! You don't need that!  It's just visual noise for your eyes! Yes, it says Menu, messaging, calendar or camera. How many times did you get lost in your phone? And how many times of those times have you looked at the top panel to read where you are? How many times have you just simply hold the menu key or returned to your homescreen?

So, that's why. It's gone (black on black). You will still see it in-app since that might be of need. Like the music player, "Now playing", since it's in-app, still displays it.

So, I eliminated the bad and kept the good!

PS: I just found out a windows phone 7 animation in default symbian OS. Hilarious. Perhaps you have the same animation.
Go to Share > Ovi > Upload > Press "Add media here". See the pop-up? That animation looks just like most animations on the Windows Phone 7. How funny is that...

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