Jun 3, 2011

FSX MINIMAL S.E. goes unpublished. iTheme sells for 50%

Due to the deep knowledge required in third apps UIDs, the ways to obtain them and the time required to produce a iconset of superpremium quality that fits the iTheme, I will be putting up the current version of the iTheme 50% cheaper and removing FSX MINIMAL S.E. as it will have its own iconset. I had said previously and repeat again that these were experiments.

So, what is the future of fsx designs?

  • University. I'm a student. That takes priority number one. Except few to no updates until the 18th June.
  • Construct a list of important apps and their UIDs.
  • Finish and launch of WP7 METRO in 7 different colors with a complete iconset for EVERYTHING.
  • Complete revamp and reconstruction of iTheme Ocean Blue(it will only get better, trust me).
  • Creation of iTheme new colors:
    • Pink World (... pink)
    • El' Dourado (golden)
    • Shades (gray)
    • Grasslands (green)
    • Fury (red)
  • Continue work on iTheme Iconset to match superpremium quality.
    • Creation of the One Concept for all icons & Background colors assigned to tasks (notice how every setting icon in the current iconset is gray? That had a purpose)
    • Revamp of the roundness of the icon itself
    • Recreation of some existing icons
  • Work on FSX MINIMAL
    • Revamp the keyboard to match the theme completely (concept in place already, I hope you love it... I think it will be awesome)
    • Revamp keys to match theme
    • Creation of FSI (FSX icons) iconset
      • Put in place concept (it will be a merge of two things... that will blow your mind, trust me)

So this is the future map for fsx designs. I hope all the fans that got a little disappointed with the iTheme icon can understand that I am new to making themes (I only started 1 month ago and I didn't even know how to use SVG tools) and the complications of getting the application UIDs as well as some elements of the OS are very big and have troubled me.

The revamped themes as well as the upcoming WP7 METRO will make you cry. Nah, really, they will have only the best of my skills and nothing else.

With this said, I don't think any of the published themes at the moment is of bad quality. Nothing of such. They're great. But they'll become godly.

Because I intend to keep fans satisfied, the FSX MINIMAL SE will stay published but I'll increase its price to that of unreal levels. Why do I do this, you might ask? When I launch the revamped version, I feel that, if you've bought this version, you shouldn't need to pay for the new version.

UPDATE 1: To keep things simple, the iTheme will be at 3€ (base price; might differ in your country) for some days. The FSXM SE will keep it's current price and will be updated further with iTheme icons. A second FSXM Special Edition will be launched with FSXM authentic and original icons specifically designed for the minimalistic look.

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