Apr 22, 2011

Setbacks and leaps...

I was unable to work on the theme today as I don't actually own a computer (one reason why I want/need to sell this in Ovi Store... It may help a little!) and the one I was borrowing was taken away and I could only resume work now.

Since I do not own any symbian phones, I'm only testing with my Nokia 5800. I'm releasing an alpha version of the theme, enabling and welcoming comments on the posts from now on since you could help me with testing and suggest new things and different approaches. Another screenshot here after the break. It's a shame, real shame, the bug in the top part. I'm wondering if I leave it white or change the menus that come up when you press Options. The little arc. Sucks that they're the same and connected. Oh well!

PS: The theme's size is a mere 34kb as of now... ;)

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