May 20, 2011

Project Lisbon is about to start!

Here are the first screenshots of Project Lisbon, a theme inspired in the upcoming OS for Nokia, Windows Phone 7. It will probably be called WP7 if Ovi Store accepts.

On the right: Draft of the icons with Font size set to LARGE (will be very important to the most close feel to WP7). On the right, the first icon with an arrow backwards symbolizes the reply, the other two weren't yet modified. The tabs are a draft too, I'm pondering setting the Selected tab with the color of the theme (which in this case is baby blue). I think I'm going through that road and keep the other tabs like seen there. The message ballons will invert horizontally as I just realized it makes much more sense that the dialog bubble comes from the name that's right next to it other than... the phone's end.

On the right screenshot still, the gray item in the list in PRESSED and not selected. Selected looks similar to the inactive tabs.

Yes, the buttons on the bottom have a different color, not very different than the background but nevertheless different and that is intended and will stay that way. 

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